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August 26, 2012
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MM: Yahiro Matsuzawa by VolatileDinners MM: Yahiro Matsuzawa by VolatileDinners

My oc for MM rp group :) So sorry for absolutely butchering English language >.< (not a native English speaker here) Also warning to all interested: Teen Drama Ahead!!!

Full Name: Yahiro Matsuzawa (八宏 松沢)

Age: 20

Height and Weight: 6'3" (193 cm), 205.03 lbs.

Gender: Male

Year Level: Third year

Weapon: Shield (Self-made from scraps and unused parts from work)

Arcana: Strength

Arcana Rank: Rank 1

Suit: Swords

Nationality: Japanese

-Metal sculpting
-Electronic music (favorites: Daft Punk, Pendulum, Dumme Jungs, Glitch Mob)
-His hoodie
-Anything done by Joe “Mad” Madureira

-Whoever or whatever it was that killed Yumi and anything related to the case.

Term “Gentle Giant” is probably closest to describe his personality. Because of his rather intimidating and grumpy appearance people are often surprised when Yahiro gets a reference, jokes, shows concern about someone, makes conversation. He never dismisses anyone interested in his person and bluntly speaks about his past if asked.

He usually keeps himself on the side but, if presented with an opportunity for an interesting exchange or a friendly tease, he'll go for it.

Yahiro's stoic and calmer then Buddha himself even though he wears his angry grimace most of the time. That sometimes bites him in the ass. Because of all this bottled up stress and terrible experience in the past, he overly obsesses over even smallest hint leading the unknown assailant.

-Great physical strength
-Skilled metalworker
-Good with all kinds of blue collar jobs (especially welding)
-When fighting in group he tries to fill the role of “The Tank”

-Not very agile
-Obsession to find Yumi's killer.
-Has problems with more delicate work (mostly housekeeping)
-Little concern for his own well-being
-Bottles up stress
-He has a lot of trouble with remembering names


==>:bulletorange:Click Here For Expanded Version:bulletorange:<==

Short version:
Yahiro led a very average and relatively happy life in Kirimori City. That is, until he started first year of high school and met a short, fragile girl with fiery red hair named Yumi. Bond between those two was truly something special, and they knew it. However their happy days were suddenly interrupted by Yumi's hospitalization because of her weak heart.

With Yumi's health dwindling along with her family funds, Yahiro decides to help. He takes a lot of dangerous part-time jobs. In most of them he was employed illegally due to his young age. However that is not enough and at the beginning of third year he drops out as well to earn more money for Yumi even with everyone disproving of such drastic measures.

Almost two years pass and things are finally starting to look better. Yumi finally can leave the hospital bed for short walks.

During one of those strolls, fate decided to play a number on them. Yahiro leaves her side just for a moment. When suddenly he is beckoned back by her scream. When he returns Yumi is already on the ground and the unknown assailant is nowhere to be found. Stress of the sudden attack coursed a cardiac arrest and even though Yahiro did all he could, Yumi passed away.

To fully recover from trauma and to finish his education, Yahiro is sent to Higashimori.

-Manual labor, night shifts and stress took toll on his health and appearance.
-Still works at construction sites as welder. He says that it helps him keep his mind at ease.
-Scar on his face was caused by almost fatal accident during one oh his jobs. A metal cable snapped and whipped him across his face. Few more inches and he'd be decapitated.
-He made his own shield.
-Be it summer or winter, the hoodie stays.
-Clings to anything that reminds him of Yumi, even his evoker is her phone.
-Favorite quote: "Beware the fury of a patient man." - John Dryden
-Tropes: Gentle Giant, Berserk Button, True Man Wear Pink, Not Evil, Just Misunderstood
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